2017 Red Phoenix Awards


Red Phoenix Theatre Awards


The Red Phoenix Theatre Awards recognise individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our annual season of plays. The awards seek to celebrate the enormous creativity, commitment and generosity which so many people have so freely given to our Red Phoenix theatre family.


2017 Shortlist and Winners


Best Male Actor
Brant Eustice – (Two Brothers)
Michael Eustice – (Two Brothers)
Tony Busch – (The Conspirators)


Best Female Actor
Tracey Walker – (Two Brothers)
Lyn Wilson – (Two Brothers)
Emily Branford – (The Conspirators)


Best Supporting Male Actor 
Fahad Farooque – (Two Brothers)
Matt Houston – (The White House Murder Case) 
Gary George – (The White House Murder Case)


Best Supporting Female Actor
Alicia Zorkovic – (Two Brothers)
Cheryl Douglas – (Two Brothers)
Anna Bampton – (The Conspirators)


Best Director 
Bob Kimber – (Two Brothers)
Eddy Knight – (The White House Murder Case)
Michael Eustice – (The Conspirators)


Best Lighting and Technical Design
Richard Parkhill – (Lighting Design for Two Brothers)
Richard Parkhill – (Lighting Design for The White House Murder Case)
Michael Eustice – (Sound Design for The Conspirators)


Best Set Design
Bob Kimber – (Two Brothers)
Michael Eustice – (The White House Murder Case)
Nicholas Ely – (The Conspirators)


Best Props/Stage Management
Jan Farr – (Two Brothers)
Ushmo – (The White House Murder Case)
Jan Farr and Heather Jones – (The Conspirators)


Best Dramatic Moment
Fahad Farooque – (Two Brothers) – Recounting ‘the boat’ story.
Josh Coldwell – (Two Brothers) – Rescuing asylum seekers when the boat sinks.
Tracey Walker – (Two Brothers) – “I beg you. Don’t let him take our boy.”



Best Onstage Chemistry
Robert Bell and Matt Houston – (The White House Murder Case)
Kyla Booth and Ruby Faith – (The Conspirators)
Emily Branford and Tony Busch – (The Conspirators)


Funniest ‘Intentional’ Comedy Moment
Gary George – (The White House Murder Case) – “That could be it!”
Matt Houston – (The White House Murder Case) – “Three fingers broke off.”
Anna Bampton – (The Conspirators) – Improvising as the scene changing Maid.


Biggest Gaff (a memorable in-performance stuff up)
Matt Houston – (The White House Murder Case)
Michael Eustice and Fahad Farooque – (Two Brothers)
Michael Eustice – (Two Brothers)


Best in-Performance ‘Save’ (a memorable save following an in-performance stuff up)
Scott Cleggett – (The Conspirators)
Anna Bampton – (The Conspirators)