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“Havel brilliantly unravels political rhetoric with his unique blend of satire and comical absurdity.”
Michael Eustice (Artistic Director, Red Phoenix Theatre)


Who is Helga and why can’t any man resist her? The revolution has taken place. The dictator has fled. The new government is in power and Helga shamelessly uses her sexuality to ensure her own survival in the new order.

“The Conspirators” serves up a delightful dessert of biting satire, laugh out loud comedy and the occasional whipping. It’s “House of Cards” meets “Yes, Minister” as the hapless government invents a conspiracy to justify military force, censorship, and torture to preserve its democratic ideals.

This was the first play Havel wrote after the Czechoslovakian government banned his work. It took him five years to write before it was handed over in a secret bathroom exchange, smuggled out of the country, and eventually performed in Germany.

Shake your head in wonder as our flirtatious heroine seduces a line up of powerful men. A wonderfully funny night of anarchic humour.

Performance Dates:
NOVEMBER 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11 @ 7.30pm & Sunday 5 @ 2.00pm

Holden Street Theatres – The Studio
34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh



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