2017 has been a wonderfully rewarding year for Red Phoenix Theatre. We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have received the following nominations and awards.


Adelaide Critics Circle Community Theatre Awards:

Brant Eustice – Actor, The Conspirators and Two Brothers

Red Phoenix Theatre – for our 2017 Season

The Weekender Herald 2017 Cultural Awards:


Red Phoenix’s Two Brothers


Michael and Brant Eustice (Red Phoenix’s Two Brothers)



Theatre Association of South Australia CAL Awards:

Two Brothers 

Lyn Wilson – Two Brothers


Adelaide Critics Circle Community Theatre Awards:

Emily Branford – Actor, The Conspirators

Tony Busch – Actor, The Conspirators and a body of work


Adelaide Theatre Guide Curtain Call Awards:

Two Brothers (Red Phoenix Theatre)

Two Brothers (Red Phoenix Theatre)

Rachel Burfield (Titus Andronicus, Red Phoenix Theatre)

It’s certainly been a wonderful and highly successful second year for our company. Thank you to all the generous people who have supported our mission to bring new theatre experiences to our audiences by staging only Adelaide premieres.



Can you hear The Conspirators whispering?
What are they saying? Who will be next?
Red Phoenix and Holden Street Theatres announce their next comedy
by Václav Havel
The rehearsal room at Holden Street Theatres is buzzing with secrets at the moment as a group of Adelaide’s most excited actors breathe life into our upcoming Australian premiere of Václav Havel’s delightfully anarchic and satirical comedy, The Conspirators. To the best of our knowledge, this is only the third time the play has been performed in English anywhere in the world.


Václav Havel was one of Europe’s most admired playwrights, however, in his own country he was treated as a dissident, his plays banned, and was imprisoned for more than 4 years. But in the ultimate act of writer’s revenge, Havel initiated the Velvet Revolution which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and he went on to become the first president of the Czech Republic.


The Conspirators was the first play that Havel wrote after his work was banned. The script was smuggled out of Czechoslovakia in secret bathroom handover and made its way to German where it received its first production.


Come along and enjoy a wicked conspiracy or two with us BUT be warned you may end up smiling until your face hurts.






From the glowing embers of rave reviews Red Phoenix and Holden Street Theatres announce their next comedy



Written by American cartoonist, satirist, author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Jules Feiffer, The White House Murder Case is side-splittingly funny. In 1969 and 1970, Jules Feiffer won the Obie Award and Outer Circle Critics Award for his plays Little Murders and The White House Murder Case.

Written 40 years ago and set 40 years in the future, this incisive satire was aimed at the war posture of the United States of the future. America is at war with Brazil (Yes, where the nuts come from!) and things are not going well. Trumps verbal attacks on Mexico make this a frighteningly realistic proposition.

On the eve on an election, the President is worried about how to explain the presence of an untested nerve gas in the U.S. ‘peace’ arsenal. While all this madness is happening, a staunch old general, blinded and crippled by war, demonstrates the idiocy of outmoded codes and the cabinet concocts a cock and bull story for the people. And then, the President’s wife is murdered. You will shake your head in wonder.

“Brilliant.” The New York Times

“Tremendously funny. A witty, wonderful comedy.” WCBS TV




Red Phoenix and Holden Street Theatres’ production of

TWO BROTHERS is receiving rave reviews.

Must finish May 27 so book now to see this

“sensational performance”.


Here’s what the Critics are saying:

This is a significant play that makes reference to some political dynamite, coupled with a sensational performance, so be sure to book tickets, if you still can. – Broadway World

The two Eustice brothers are well known to Adelaide theatre lovers and their face-off in this play is astonishingly realistic and powerful. – Stage Whispers

This is what theatre is all about. What a gripping and rewarding night. What wonderful performances. How fast time can fly. – The Barefoot Review

click here to book

Michael Eustice (Tom), Tracey Walker (Angela) and Fahad Farooque (Hazem)

Tracey Walker again shows why she is one of Adelaide’s best actresses – a beautiful performance as the passionate, empathic mother, representing the best that migration to Australia has brought us. – Stage Whispers

Complete with an excellent cast and a strong creative team, this Adelaide premiere is one not to miss – unless, of course, you’re afraid of a little controversy. – Adelaide Theatre Guide

Brant Eustice (Eggs)


All this wouldn’t happen if the actors weren’t up to the job. It’s inevitable that Brant and Michael Eustice bring special warmth and light to this text; what cannot be taken for granted is the sheer brilliance of Brant Eustice’s work. His vocal range is superb, his emotional reach is fearless; he breathes deft nuances into all of his scenes. – Glam Adelaide





Lyn Wilson (Fiona), Brant Eustice (Eggs), Michael Eustice (Tom) and Tracey Walker (Angela)


Red Phoenix Theatre’s Two Brothers succeeds with fine acting by real-life brothers, Michael and Brant Eustice … Well, not only are they fine actors, but they are indeed brothers, Michael and Brant Eustice, and the chemistry between them is electric….Two Brothers deserves a wide audience. – The Advertiser

Directed by Robert Kimber, TWO BROTHERS features a cast of popular and award winning Adelaide actors including Brant Eustice, Michael Eustice, Lyn Wilson, Tracey Walker, Fahad Farooque, Joshua Coldwell, Joshua Mensch, Alicia Zorkovic and Cheryl Douglas.

For a wonderful night of theatre

Red Phoenix Theatre is very proudly

Holden Street Theatres’ resident company.


Alicia Zorkovic (Jamie) and Brant Eustice (Eggs)


Click HERE for a link to an eFlyer with further information.


216Red Phoenix is proud to be Holden Street Theatres’ resident company.



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