Following Red Phoenix Theatre receiving the highly regarded Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award for our body of work during 2017, we are thrilled that our production of Caligula went on to win the Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award for 2018.

Robert Bell’s magnificent performance in the title role of Caligula has been nominated for the Individual Award and our Artistic Director, Michael Eustice was also nominated for the Individual Award for his direction of Caligula and The Flint Street Nativity.

We are very grateful and honoured to receive such wonderful recognition from the Adelaide Critics Circle.

CALIGULA Reviews included:

The Barefoot Review – “Potent, at moments funny, Caligula is another deeply rewarding Red Phoenix night at Holden Street.”

Glam Adelaide – “This production is bloody good theatre.” 

Stage Whispers – Red Phoenix Theatre’s production of Caligula is drama at its stunning best…with plenty of comic sting in its lethal tale.”

Adelaide Theatre Guide – “All those who crave something dark, rich, and strange should make this one a priority.”

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