Red Phoenix Theatre is back!!

2020 was a horrid and tragic year but we’re fighting back and following our recent sellout seasons of our unique creation, A PROMENADE OF SHORTS, and supporting Verendus Theatrical with their critically acclaimed and sellout production of David Hare’s SKYLIGHT.

is British playwright, Jessica Swale’s challenging and beautiful play Blue Stockings. The play moves audiences between gritted teeth when faced with the realities of past inequalities, joyous moments of laughter and a bag full of questions about how far we’ve come and how far we still have to travel.
Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings is the empowering and surprising story of four young women fighting for their right to a university education in a world that assumed women belonged at home. First produced professionally at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2013, and a sell-out success, it is now regularly performed by theatre groups in the UK and all around the world. 
This will be the play’s South Australian premiere.

Blue Stockings



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