“It’s a miraculous production!…JUST GO!” – The Weekender Herald

A Bunch of Amateurs is great fun. Get along to see it.” – The Advertiser

“What’s not to love about this production? Nothing – it’s a night of fun and laughter and you’ll come out being glad that you went.” – All About Entertainment

“Red Phoenix’s latest play A Bunch of Amateurs is a must see piece of theatre.” -Stage Whispers

“This show packs a punch and is strongly performed by all cast members who deliver their lines with much wit and humour.” – Global Media Post

“Red Phoenix Theatre company is dedicated to producing Adelaide premieres and can chalk this one up to another success story.” – Glam Adelaide

“Michael Eustice has to be congratulated for assembling such an immensely talented group and bringing this production to such a high level.” – Broadway World

“Technically perfect and the outstanding performances will continue to jell together. Another Adelaide premiere success for Red Phoenix, and a very funny one, too.” – The Barefoot Review

A Bunch of Amateurs is a celebration of local artistic communities, all while having the audience clapping in applause and cackling at every line.” – Theatre Travels

“It is well worth seeing what this talented bunch of amateurs can do.” – Adelaide Theatre Guide



Theatre Association of South Australia’s new President

Red Phoenix Theatre is very proud to announce that our very own Artistic Director, Michael Eustice has been elected as the new President of The Theatre Association of South Australia (TASA).

For more than 30 years TASA has been committed to fostering, encouraging and supporting the development of community theatre in South Australia. TASA delivers this by providing opportunities for people to meet and share ideas, creating workshops and shared resources, promoting activities and performances, and celebrating the Community’s success through their annual TheatriCAL Awards.

[Michael Eustice] It is an absolute honour to have the opportunity to represent our proud, talented and passionate theatrical community. I am fully committed to ensuring that TASA is continually seeking new ways to support, encourage, and promote the outstanding work produced by our members and our theatrical family.”

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